Machine and Fabrication

Machine and Fabrication

Taking the Problems Out of Machining and Fabrication. 

As a complement to our cutting tool capabilities, our machine and fabrication business produces a wide variety of exceptional parts for a number of different industries.

And if there’s any question about whether we offer what you need, the answer isn’t no or maybe. More often than not, the answer is yes, yes and yes again.

  1. Yes, we work in materials ranging from plastics to magnesium.
  2. Yes, we offer rapid prototype service and quick turnaround.
  3. Yes, we work in both small and large volumes.
  4. Yes, we can design or reverse-engineer if needed.
  5. Yes, we do forgings and castings.
  6. Yes, we use leading software like ProE, Solidworks, Autocad and GibbsCAM.
  7. Yes, we help our customers design for manufacturability.

As always, we strive for continuous improvement through ongoing industry research and by constantly bringing in new machinery and new technology. Isn’t yes a lot more refreshing than no or maybe?

Wondering whether we offer what you need? Just ask. More than likely, the answer is yes.
CNC Turning
Yes, We Have Exceptional CNC Milling Capabilities.
CNC Milling
Yes, We Offer Even More Value Added Services.
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