Tool Reconditioning

Tool Reconditioning

Five Things to Remember About How We Recondition.

Obviously, tool reconditioning is something that’s important to get right. At The Jewell Group, we make sure that always happens. When you’re considering where to turn for your tool reconditioning needs, consider these five ways Jewell will make sure your experience exceeds your expectations:

  1. You can count on us to rebuild or repair all of the tool types we produce, plus many from other manufacturers, including TCT, Cermet, CBN and PCD tooling.
  2. Tools reconditioned include drills, reamers, end mills, port tools, inserts, taps, countersinks, spade drills, drills, step drills, trepan tools, knives and blades.
  3. Our streamlined process allows us to turn most orders—both coated and uncoated—in 2-3 weeks.
  4. We track tools by serial number, break down every detail on inspection sheets and make sure all data is web-based for easy access.
  5. Typical rebuilds consist of re-tipping, regrinding and—if necessary—body repair. Many customers also request that their tooling be re-coated.

The bottom line: When you get your tooling back from us, you can count on it to look and function as if it were new. 

Why These Are the Best Regrinds You Can Find.

Yes, we know: it’s a bold, bold claim. But we do have one of the largest regrind facilities in the Midwest. And we are able to re-sharpen and recondition carbide and HSS cutting tools as well as inserts. And we do provide industry-leading quality and turnaround time. So we’re ready to back up that bold, bold claim with some big, big follow-through. Give us a try and you’ll see exactly what we mean. 

Why Our Tool Repair Is Beyond Compare.

After more than two decades, we’ve learned a thing or two about tool repair. We’ve learned to focus on any tooling regardless of complexity or manufacturer. We’ve learned how important it is to quote time and material—rather than a percentage of new tool cost—on all repairs. And we’ve learned what it means to our customers to offer same-day and 24-hour emergency services on repairs ranging from lathe tools, milling tools and drills to spade drills, indexable specials and boring bars. You name it, we can repair it. 

Do We Repair Brazed Tools? Do We Ever?

At Jewell, we can rebuild and repair your TCT, Cermet, CBN and PCD tooling to make them look and perform like new. You can count on us to re-tip, regrind and even do body repair if necessary. We also recoat tools for many of our customers. So if you’re wondering whether we’re the right choice for re-tipping your port tools, milling cutters, reamers, boring bars and specials, the answer is send them our way and see for yourself.