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What Others Are Saying About Our Can-Do Approach.

Over the years, we’ve developed many longstanding relationships with our customers that have helped them succeed. Obviously, anyone can make a claim like that. What’s more convincing is hearing the firsthand reports from these customers. When you hear about their experiences with Jewell Group, you’ll see how the right attitude and approach really can make a tangible difference in your business success.  

What People Are Saying
“When I think of Jewell I think: attention to detail, attention to detail, attention to detail!”
— H.B.
“We switched our port tools over to Jewell and now all we do is order inserts, load and go. No more lengthy setups or quality issues.”
— Kenny
The ability to directly communicate with any person in the Jewell Group organization shows that service does not stop with one person, service is the culture of the entire organization.
— Matt B
Excellent group to work with on developing action plans in response to rapidly changing market demands.
— Ron D
They are a great group of people. They are extremely efficient and I know I can count on them to come through when our customer is in a dire situation.
— Cathy
You have the best quality system I’ve seen, and I audit a company that makes bombs.
— ISO auditor
We've been using Jewell for four years and continue to add new parts for them to produce. Jewell is a talented, competent, resourceful group, that works with you from an engineering, quality and business perspective.
— Shawn L
“In today’s competitive tooling market, Jewell continues to meet our expectations. Professionalism, along with reasonable pricing and on time deliveries are a must. Their team will go above and beyond when necessary.”
— Jennifer
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