The History of Jewell Group

What Has Changed Since the Late Seventies (And What Never Will)

Remember 1977? Jimmy Carter took office. The Apple II hit stores. And Jewell Group started providing quality cutting tool solutions to its customers.

From its beginning through the late 1980s, the company primarily offered regrind services and manufactured a few special cutting tools. In the early 1990s, however, we were able to add tool repair services and continued to expand our line of specialty tooling. Then, in 2002, we began our machining operations under the name of Jewell Machine & Fabrication. 

In 2007, the business successfully transitioned to the second generation and we continue to provide exceptional service and quality. Obviously, a whole lot has changed over the years. What never will is our commitment to quality, support and the long-term success of our customers.

That commitment is, after all, how we’ve grown to be an industry leader in special cutting tool design, manufacturing and reconditioning. A company that’s completely focused on doing things right.