Hydraulic Porting Tools

Indexable Hydraulic Port Tools

Ready to Talk Indexable Hydraulic Port Tools? We Thought So.

Check out the videos, catalog and photos below to learn more!

When it comes to indexable hydraulic port tools, you can count on Jewell Group to have standard tools in stock. We also have special designs available to meet specific requirements. From lower costs per hole to superior surface finish, just look at the advantages of turning to us for your indexable hydraulic port tool needs:

  • Drill from solid and port with a single tool (ream-only versions also available)
  • High-surface footage and feeds produce faster cycle times
  • Lower your cost per hole
  • Coolant thru for superior chip evacuation
  • Four-sided coated carbide drilling inserts
  • One-piece coated carbide porting inserts for superior profile consistency
  • Large shanks for improved rigidity
  • Superior surface finish
  • Eliminate regrinding cost and lead time associated with other types
  • Drill through an uneven surface or cross hole
  • Reduced tool inventory
  • Repairable at our in-house reconditioning facility

Aren’t you glad you asked what makes these indexable hydraulic port tools so special?


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